• Spiritual Awareness (Course)
  • Meditation Journey (Course)
  • Private Consultations Overview
  • Co-Creating with Nature (Course)
  • Pathways to Learning Overview
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Take the next step on your spiritual pathway, with Carole McCarthy
(Auckland, New Zealand and online.)
Private Consultations
“Whether the ‘one-on one’ consultation is for clairvoyance or spiritual coaching, it is my deep desire to empower others to live the life you are meant to live.”

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‘Spiritual Awareness’ Course
“We all have the gift, so join me to learn how to discover your potential. Empower your spiritual self with this course.
This course is for beginners.”

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‘Co-Creating with Nature’ Course
“There’s more to co-creating with nature than caring for your animals and plants. Join me on this course to learn what the realms of nature are really trying to tell you.”

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Development Circles
“Accelerate your spiritual development. These are mental circles where you will learn to work with your guides in a safe environment.”

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